Whats Our Story?

Akila Dolls are the inspiration of my own daughter and her obsession and love for dolls.  From the age of 6, my daughter was diagnosed with autism, she struggles with social interaction, restrictive behavior and many other symptoms. As a mother, it was important for me to support her, and a lot of her education was based on role play learning. She loves to interact with her dolls and one could say she treats them as if they were actually human. It has become apparent to me, and more so now as a parent that diverse dolls were and are still massively underrepresented within the UK industry. I believe it is extremely important that not just my daughter, but that every boy and girl can see dolls on toy retailers shelves, that both look like them and relate to their cultures and beliefs. The only we can do this is within toys and books. By having a greater diversity within the toys children play with, will have a greater impact on how they perceive themselves and others in the future.

I finally made the decision in the spring of 2020, that I would start the process of creating my own range of diverse and disability baby dolls. It’s not been an easy journey, I am constantly learning new skills day by day.  But to see all my hard work pay off and see the end product it has all been worth it. As a mother, I feel immensely proud that I have been able to create a product and brand, Akila Dolls for my daughter and every child, which shows them that no matter what obstacles and challenges are put in front of us, we can all achieve our dreams.

Our Key Qualities

Realistic, textured synthetic hair
Textiles clothing
Changeable outfits
Soft sculptured cloth body
Vinyl head with realistic painted features

Our Values

At Akila Dolls our values are part of who we are, what we believe in and how we conduct ourselves.

  1. We are passionate about cultural diversity – Working with people of different backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles are helping our team grown into better professionals.
  2. We care about The Environment – We believe in protecting the planet we live in and conserving natural resources for our future generation, we do this by reducing our environmental impact across our business.
  3. We respect each person – We respect people for who they are. The skills, knowledge and experiences they can bring to our business.
  4. Our customers are the source of our strength – For our business to be a success we need the support and encouragement of our customers.

Our Mission

The mission of Akila Dolls is to deliver high quality, diverse, educational, and play toys for children that are enjoyable to play with and are good value for the purchaser.

To educate both boys and girls about other races and religions, through play, which will develop a child’s social, physical, and emotional skills while they role play, dream, and imagine. When a child is free to learn and play, we can encourage their self acceptance, allowing them to posses a realistic awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and that they can accept themselves despite imperfections and what make them unique.

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